Unforgiveness bitterness abandonment rejection and resentment Will cause you sickness.


It’s almost like a plug or something that clogs you up gets you all stuck . Something that sabotages your health and your well-being your mindset your perspective and how you see things.


See this image down below two years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and although the symptoms are very real the ache and the pain that was in my heart was even more real.


The betrayal on top of the heart aches and  the heartbreak, the disappointments the why me gods Had got the best of me..


As my body ached  when I stood on my feet as my body ache  just bending my knee I didn’t realize that cleansing my heart would set me so free.


Sometimes we forgive and move forward but don’t realize that residue can still be in the crevices of the very smallest pieces of our heart.


I have a big old smile on my face while I’m writing this post because I no longer suffer  or feel  pains  bloating or inflammation.


God You promised you would restore all!

Such a goooood good father! ✨


Xoxo ~Kristal

Kristal Clark