This week I got a little news I wasn’t expecting. Some of you may have know that I have been facing some chronic pain the last year. This pain causes me to be sore and achy, unable to walk at times. I feel lots of sharp random spasms. I’m so happy I can put a name to it, #Fibromyalgia.

I thought I was only chosen to help others find their voice from sexual abuse. Some of my first reactions to the diagnosis were, this is a familiar pain, one I knew too well. The thought of a new challenge was honestly overwhelming. BUT then I heard a small whisper remind me this is different. AND I was reminded of the truth, that GOD IS WITH ME! 
I am more than equipped and qualified for this battle.

The more I did my research and listen to what others had to say. Things like, how misunderstood it was or the pain was down played, the more I realized I had to speak out. Even though the medical world says there isn’t a cure, I’m believing God can and will #heal me. For all those that suffer from this kind of discomfort this to will pass!

Kristal Clark